The Media Intel Platform

My consultancy provides the premier reporting service for Australian businesses and organisations to understand key insights and trends regarding their mainstream media pickup and works in tandem with your existing media monitoring partners. Using proprietary technology developed in house dubbed ‘The Media Intel Platform’, your entire media pickup is thoroughly analysed and attributed to key topics messages, spokespeople, region, etc just to name a few. This qualitative insight is then used to establish trend information and therefore better understand where the positive and negative pickup is appearing and allow the formulation of a more effective media engagement strategy through your marketing, public relations and advertising channels.

Some particularly interesting categories to my clients include positivity / negativity by journalist, region, topic density by region, etc.

The service costs a very small fraction on top of your existing media monitoring expense and adds immense value to an asset that is likely being underutilised due to the way that media monitoring results are currently distributed by media monitoring providers. Each month you would receive a detailed report including summaries and recommendations. Please see an excerpt of an example

Delivered under a capped monthly subscription pricing model, the service is a refreshing break away from traditional per clip and wildly variable media monitoring pricing structures. That's because the MIP is built by media and data analysis professionals all with varying backgrounds in the media monitoring sector and understand the challenges companies face in dealing with tracking media related mentions.

The MIP is optimised for tracking all forms of mainstream media that your organisation is receiving from various media monitoring agencies. Unlock the value of this resource with detailed qualitative insights available through our analysis platform.

Matthew Dorhauer Consulting is also uniquely licensed with the Australian Copyright Agency (CAL) to deliver our service and allows us to deal with our client's media monitoring content on an unlimited basis.

All of our reports are clear and summarised for presentation at marketing or PR department level as well as for immediate distribution at Board or CEO level.

Your media activity is rigorously catalogued and analysed, tracking over 20 different metrics for every single article or broadcast clip. This is completed in line with a detailed brief which we build for you and are always upadating with changes that affect your organisation.

Our service also incorporates our revolutionary 'Deep Tracking' technology allowing more accurate favourability tracking than ever seen before.

This image shows a fraction of the information we track and allows for the fast, accurate and powerful reporting our clients receive.

For a free demonstration and details regarding a trial of our media analysis service please contact us today. All enquiries from PR agencies on behalf of their clients are welcome, please contact Matthew Dorhauer directly for further details on 0414 138 247.